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About Blunts & Blondes

Entering into the music scene from a giant cloud of smoke, Blunts & Blondes is taking the dubstep game by storm. Formally known as Michael Guard, he's the life of the party whether he's on the decks or in the mosh pit. His dynamic personality, style and unique talent is rocking the masses all over North America in the festival scene as well as in clubs.

Blunts & Blondes isn't just making it in the game, he's trying to change the way it works. His sound and styles are the furthest thing from cookie cutter. He creates his own, unique vibe by blending all elements of bass music and even sprinkling in hip-hop and deep Rastafarian influences. One thing is for certain, this young smoker is only getting warmed up as he prepares to leave the entire dance scene in a total haze. You are destined to leave the show with a contact high that you won't soon shake.

Blunts & Blondes
07 Oct
Stereo Live Dallas
Dallas, TX
10:00 PM

08 Oct
Stereo Live Houston
Houston, TX
10:00 PM

13 Oct
The Vogue
Indianapolis, IN
10:00 PM

14 Oct
The Intersection
Grand Rapids, MI
10:00 PM

15 Oct
Skyway Theatre
Minneapolis, MN
10:00 PM

20 Oct
Canopy Club
Urbana, IL
10:00 PM

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Michael Guard